Protect Fertilizer Investments by Stabilizing Nitrogen This Spring

When spring weather arrives, unstabilized nitrogen is vulnerable to leaching and dentrification, which can significantly reduce the yield potential of corn. By applying a nitrogen stabilizer in the spring, growers can rest easier knowing their corn plants have nitrogen when it’s most needed.

“Optimizing nitrogen management is really about managing risk efficiently,” says Lara Moody, director of stewardship programs for The Fertilizer Institute. “When we look back at recent weather patterns in the Midwestern Corn Belt, one thing we can say is that they were unpredicted extremes. If these weather patterns continue, and some say they will, then putting all of your eggs in one basket is not really the right approach for nitrogen management.”

A potential option is splitting applications across the growing season.

“This means you can be more reactive to the weather patterns without so much potential for loss. And this loss doesn’t just affect the environment, it also affects the grower’s bottom line,” Moody says.

As soil temperatures increase in the spring, applying a nitrogen stabilizer protects ammonium nitrogen from the risk of rapid nitrification. Protecting ammonium nitrogen from leaching and denitrification is key to a strong start, as well as optimized grain production and yield potential.

“Each application decision should be made with the 4 R’s in mind,” Moody says. “That means considering the nutrient source, rate, time and placement each time you consider a trip into the field.”


A shortage of nitrogen during the first 75 days after crop emergence can restrict yield potential because it coincides with the greatest nitrogen demands of corn. Growers fertilizing their corn with UAN, urea or liquid manure can protect this investment with Instinct® II nitrogen stabilizer from preplant up to the V6 stage of growth, while those applying anhydrous ammonia can protect applied nitrogen with N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizer this spring.

If your customers are concerned about the availability of nitrogen in their corn, remind them to protect their largest input investment this season with Instinct II or N-Serve. For more information, visit or contact your local Dow AgroSciences sales representative.

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