Your Guide to Corn Herbicides in 2014

By Brittany Loewen, Product Manager, Corn Herbicides
Dow AgroSciences


With continued glyphosate resistance and weather delays similar to what we experienced last year, growers need dependable weed control along with flexible application options. Fortunately, both are key features they will find in the Dow AgroSciences corn herbicide portfolio.

In last August’s Inputs & Insights poll question,* “Which late-emerging weed concerns you and your customers the most this year?”, 64 percent of surveyed retailers said waterhemp. Velvetleaf was the second-most-concerning weed, followed by kochia.

SureStartSureStart® herbicide followed by Durango® DMA®herbicide provides 98 percent control of waterhemp, based on university trials.1 Growers can proactively combat waterhemp and more than 60 different hard-to-control weeds with SureStart, which contains three nonglyphosate modes of action. SureStart also offers a flexible application window from preplant through postemergence so growers can overcome weather delays and spray when convenient.

Furthermore, we introduced four enhanced brands in 2013 — Keystone® NXT, Keystone® LA NXT, FulTime® NXT and Surpass® NXT. These herbicides provide dependable control of annual grasses and broadleaves, including cocklebur, giant ragweed and velvetleaf. The enhanced formulations still have the flexibility to be applied from preplant to early postemergence and can be used alone or in combination with many preemergence and postemergence corn herbicides.

Keystone-NXT-logo Keystone-LA-NXT-logo FulTime-NXT-logo Surpass-NXT-logo

Last spring, we also learned more about your customers’ tank-mixing preferences. The April poll question* asked “How many of your corn growers tank-mix a residual herbicide?” and nearly 70 percent of respondents answered “More than 50%.”


For enhanced control, FulTime NXT, Keystone NXT, Keystone LA NXT and Surpass NXT offer excellent tank-mix compatibility. These herbicides can be applied in tank-mix combinations for either conventional, reduced-till or no-till systems — as well as postemergence applications to corn up to 11 inches tall. SureStart also provides flexible tank-mix-compatibility with glyphosate, atrazine, 2,4-D and other commonly used herbicides (refer to the label for a complete list).

In 2014, your customers can look forward to the same consistent performance of SureStart along with additional crop opportunities, shorter rotation intervals and better handling from Keystone NXT, Keystone LA NXT, FulTime NXT and Surpass NXT.

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