Program Approach Is Key to Long-term Herbicide Sustainability

With the increasing number of herbicide-resistant weeds, growers are seeking ways to improve their weed control programs and sustain herbicides for long-term use. Working with growers to develop a program approach will protect the longevity of the chemistries, help prevent weeds from becoming resistant or difficult to control and offer the best results for your customers.

Dow AgroSciences has a long history of promoting herbicide programs, which include applying a preemergence herbicide followed by a postemergence herbicide application. These programs are designed to alternate products with different modes of action, a vital component of this one-two punch to control weeds. To ensure growers are incorporating chemistries from different herbicide groups, check product labels or the Weed Science Society of America website for herbicide class information.

Recent coverage in agriculture publications underscores the value of using a preemergence application followed by a postemergence application for long-term herbicide sustainability. This method offers reliable early season residual control of weeds, and it is a proactive approach to weed resistance management.

Programs that include an effective preemergence herbicide not only provide growers benefits related to weed resistance but also boost productivity by maximizing yields and managing risk. A preemergence herbicide helps minimize the threat of early weeds that compete for nutrients, water and sunlight — all of which are key for good yields. Preemergence herbicides also help minimize risks that come with relying on only postemergence weed control. Weather conditions often can keep farmers and applicators out of the field for long stretches of time, limiting optimum application windows.

This season, encourage your growers to scout their fields early, use recommended label rates and implement a program approach to weed control to help manage weed resistance.

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