Dow AgroSciences Encourages Ag Community to Share Facts

Industry Initiatives Provide Answers to Questions About Agricultural Technology

By Brad Shurdut
Global Leader, Government and Regulatory Affairs
Dow AgroSciences

brad_shurdutFrom crop protection to plant biotechnology solutions, Dow AgroSciences is committed to developing technologies that help address the daunting challenge of feeding the world’s growing population. This commitment requires open dialogue with value chain stakeholders, including growers and consumers, to facilitate a broad understanding of the technology, its application and safety.

Although modern agriculture may appear to benefit only farmers, these advances ultimately benefit consumers. The gains in productivity provide access to a safe, affordable and abundant food supply.

Biotechnology is a crucial tool that will help us meet current and future food and feed demands. We must work together to tell our story and to highlight the important role of innovative technologies in agriculture. It is important that we and our partners reach out routinely to stakeholders to enhance awareness of these technologies, answer questions and concerns, and to ultimately build trust with our customers.

In an attempt to further increase transparency around agricultural biotechnology, was developed to provide an open public forum to address questions about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). More than 100 experts have contributed to the site, including experts in leading academic institutions, industry groups and representatives from member companies.

Not only does GMO Answers serve as a good clearinghouse for those seeking specific answers regarding GMOs, it also contains detailed information related to the health and safety of GM crops on the market today.

We urge members of the agricultural community to work together to share the truth about agriculture. Here are a few key tips to remember when answering consumer questions:

  •  Know (and double-check) the facts
  • Speak the facts without misrepresentation
  • Avoid an emotional response; keep negative energy out of the conversation
  • Communicate effectively
  • Continue to seek understanding of the technology

Facts about biotechnology will get out there eventually, but it is our responsibility to help them get out sooner. Being proactive will help others understand the technology.

For more information and to get involved in the conversation, visit

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