Growers Encouraged to See Enlist™ Weed Control System Firsthand

Increased Number of Locations Will Showcase the Herbicide-tolerant Trait Technology

This summer, Dow AgroSciences invites growers, retailers and seed dealers to attend one of the technology centers highlighting the Enlist Weed Control System and other Dow AgroSciences products. The technology centers will bring the Enlist system closer to customers by having locations in both the Midwest and South and more than tripling the number of locations that demonstrate the latest in weed control solutions.

Enlist_Logo_Horz_TagEach location will provide field training on the components of the Enlist system: crops containing Enlist herbicide-tolerant traits, Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D Technology, and the Enlist Ahead management resource. The company continues to focus on training and learning opportunities for the Enlist system as the technology awaits regulatory approvals.

 “Thousands of customers participated in field training the past two summers,” says Damon Palmer, U.S. commercial leader for the Enlist system. “With the anticipated 2015 launch of the Enlist system, we are increasing our efforts throughout the central and southern Corn Belt. We want our customers to see firsthand how the technology works.”

The Enlist system is a new herbicide-tolerant trait technology. It will provide a much needed solution that customers are asking for to manage hard-to-control and resistant weeds.

“The weed pressure in our area is, it’s growing,” says Patrick Delaney, ag retailer in Indiana. “We are seeing more and more weeds that are tough to fight.”

Bringing the Technology Closer to the Farm

As weed resistance increases and spreads, customer feedback confirms the need to see and understand the new weed control technology.

“The best part of training was just being able to see it for the first time,” says Bill Lukes, ag retailer in Iowa. “We’ve been hearing about this technology for years and haven’t been able to touch and feel; people need to be able to touch and feel things.”

The Enlist system will be featured across multiple environments and soil types and will showcase control of a range of resistant and tough weed species. Each technology center will include crops, weeds and management practices common to the area.

In-field Demonstrations Confirm Efficacy of the Technology

Enlist Duo with Colex-D Technology — a proprietary blend of new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate — will be a key feature of the in-field demonstrations. The drift and volatility stations will demonstrate how the technology reduces the potential for off-target movement.

“The advantages of the Colex-D technology and the low volatility, the lack of drift is huge for us with our multiple crops up our way,” says J.J. Metz, crop consultant from Michigan. “I like the concept that we can go in there; we can make the spray application, put it where it needs to go and have very minimal concerns in regards to off-target [movement].”

Side-by-side plots also will demonstrate the robust tolerance of Enlistcrops to Enlist Duo herbicide. Additional herbicide tolerances include tolerance of Enlist corn to the FOP class of herbicides as well as the tolerance of Enlist soybeans, Enlist E3 soybeans and Enlist cotton to glufosinate.

Midwest growers will have the opportunity to see Enlist corn, Enlist soybeans and Enlist E3 soybeans. Enlist cotton will join the lineup in Southern locations.

Iowa_Tech_CtrAttendees learn about the traits in the Enlist Weed Control System at the Ankeny, Iowa, technology center hosted by Dow AgroSciences.

Responsible Use Is Key to System Success

Field training is a component of the benefits-based Enlist Ahead management resource. Enlist Ahead is designed to help growers and applicators succeed while promoting the responsible use of the Enlist system. Additional benefits, including technology advancements, education and training, and management recommendations, will also be highlighted.

“Knowledge is important to sustaining the technology for the long term,” Palmer says. “As we work to bring the technology to our customers, we will continue to provide them the training and education they need to be successful.”

Pending regulatory approvals, Dow AgroSciences expects to launch Enlist corn and Enlist soybeans in 2015, with Enlist E3 soybeans and Enlist cotton to follow.

For more information on dates and locations, contact your local retailer, Dow AgroSciences sales representative or Enlist field specialist.

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