Three Tips for Effective Weed Scouting

With hard-to-control weeds frustrating your customers, it’s important to get ahead of the problem by scouting fields for weed threats. Scouting and identifying weeds early can help growers determine the most effective herbicide program.

Here are three tips to consider when scouting for weeds:

  1. scout-on-footScout on foot. Getting out of the truck and scouting for weeds on foot will help growers stay one step ahead of threatening weeds. If you can spot weeds when driving by, chances are they should have been treated already, according to “Three Weed-scouting Tips,” June 2013. Spotting a newly grown, 2-inch weed is possible only from in the field right after it has emerged.
  2. Keep reliable records. Write down every species found in the field, and determine the severity of the infestation by counting or estimating the number of weeds in 100 square feet.
  3. Correctly identify weed type. Determine the individual weed species and the current height and growth stage of weeds and crops to determine the most effective management program. SureStart® II herbicide controls more than 60 difficult weeds and can be applied in fields with up to 11-inch corn.

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1University of Missouri Extension. Practical Weed Science for the Field Scout: Corn and Soybean. Available at: Accessed March 24, 2014.

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