Dow AgroSciences Launches Updated U.S. Website

U.S. ag site delivers enhanced functionality and design

Dow AgroSciences recently announced the launch of its redesigned U.S. website, With improved functionality, enhanced design and user-friendly mobile optimization, the Web portal provides a more robust user experience to support the company’s innovative technologies in crop protection, seeds and traits.

“The significant investment in the website is inspired by our mission to deliver the best support for the emerging needs of growers, channel partners and stakeholders in the agriculture industry,” says Susan Carney, marketing communications leader, Dow AgroSciences. “An enhanced user experience and a simpler design make it easier to access some of the resources that visitors seek the most, with fewer clicks.”

One key feature is the Solution Finder, which allows users to search the broad portfolio of products by geography, crop or product category so they can more effectively find crop solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Users also are able to more quickly find product labels, supplemental labels, material safety data sheets (MSDS), data sheets and other technical information. In addition, product information such as state registrations is generated from Greenbook Data Solutions and is autoupdated with the most current information.

A mobile-optimized view of the site generates a faster-loading, on-the-go resource that automatically adjusts to smartphone and tablet screens. The mobile capability features a more condensed product overview and the capability to find product labels and MSDS quickly and efficiently.

Other features include an enhanced media resources section with searchable news releases; enhanced video and photo libraries; and links to product stewardship, technology pipelines and other resources on the corporate Dow AgroSciences site.

You can find the newly designed U.S. website at

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