Manage Marestail, Winter Annual Weeds with Fall-Applied Herbicides

Marestail is at the top of the list of high-anxiety winter annual weeds that can create problems for soybean crops when it comes time to plant.

Glyphosate-resistant marestail was discovered in the early 2000s and has spread rapidly across fields in the Midwest, says Joe Armstrong, field scientist, Dow AgroSciences. If left unmanaged, marestail can take away vital nutrients and moisture the soybean crop needs during its initial growth stages. Purple deadnettle, henbit and chickweed also are common winter annual weeds.

“You want to control those weeds prior to planting,” Armstrong says. “That way, you aren’t dealing with them at the time of planting and they aren’t interfering with the planter or robbing nutrients from the young crop. They will also be easier to control when they are small.”

SonicFall applications allow for more herbicide options for effective weed management, Armstrong says. There are a few different strategies to control winter annual weeds in the fall. A fall burndown using Durango® DMA® herbicide can control weeds that have emerged or add a residual herbicide, such as Sonic® herbicide or Surveil™ Co-pack soybean herbicide, to a fall weed management program for increased control in the winter and into early spring to mitigate early season competition, Armstrong says.

“Fall burndown or fall residuals, and then spring burndown and a spring residual, can be very valuable,” Armstrong says.

Sonic and Surveil Co-pack offer long-lasting and broad-spectrum weed control so soybeans can get a clean start.

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