Review Herbicide Programs for Improved Weed Control

This season started with a wet spring. Many growers faced herbicide-resistant weeds, such as marestail and waterhemp, that threatened soybean fields, says Joe Armstrong, field scientist, Dow AgroSciences. To control these high-anxiety weeds effectively in 2015, growers should evaluate their herbicide program by asking themselves a few questions:

When should I evaluate my herbicide program? The end of the growing season and late winter into early spring are ideal times to get in the field to scout for weeds. Scouting will help determine which weeds escaped, which weeds pose a new threat and which program can work best to control them.

Why is evaluating the season important? Timing is everything, and early control is key, Armstrong says. Evaluating a herbicide program well before planting can help growers plan ahead to keep fields weed-free at planting.

SonicHow can I improve my weed control program for next season? Adding a preemergence herbicide to a weed control program is vital. Because weeds can rob yield so early in the growing season, using a preemergence herbicide to reduce competition out of the gate is that much more important, Armstrong says. Sonic® herbicide controls herbicide-resistant weeds by using two nonglyphosate modes of action that provide broad-spectrum control to keep soybean fields clean throughout the growing season.

For more information on incorporating Sonic into soybean herbicide programs next season, visit or contact your local Dow AgroSciences sales representative.

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