Smaller Weeds are Easier to Control

Early season weed activity in your customers’ fields can deprive soybeans of vital soil nutrients and sunlight during key stages of crop development — making it all the more important to control weeds before they emerge.

By applying a residual herbicide in spring, growers can control weeds early, before they compete with the crop. Along with long-lasting weed control, an effective residual herbicide application sets the stage for optimal postemergence herbicide performance later in the season.

Southern Illinois University research shows that a grower can protect 6 bushels per acre by using a pre-post herbicide program versus making the first weed control application with glyphosate when weeds are 4 to 8 inches tall.

sonic_soybeansThis spring, remind your customers of the importance of residual control, especially in soybeans, where there are limited postemergence options. A two-pass program including Sonic® herbicide and Durango® DMA® herbicide provides effective weed control when used in soybean fields.

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