This Spring, Protect Nitrogen Below Ground

Nitrogen is critical to crop success. Especially after a short fall, many growers will be applying nitrogen this spring. When spring rain arrives, unstabilized nitrogen can be lost below ground through leaching and denitrification.

Stabilizing applied nitrogen is important regardless of when it is applied. For growers who were not able to apply their nitrogen this past fall, it’s especially important to protect this investment with a nitrogen stabilizer because spring nitrogen losses can significantly reduce the yield potential of corn.

Watch this video to learn the scientific process behind nitrogen loss and see how Instinct® II and N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizers can protect your customers’ applied nitrogen.

Instinct® II approved for use in wheat
Instinct-IIThe Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of Instinct® II nitrogen stabilizer in wheat. A nitrogen deficiency in wheat fields can cause weed pressure and a decrease in moisture utilization, nutrient uptake, yields, test weight, protein and profits. Instinct II works to keep more nitrogen available at the root zone when used with urea, UAN or manure.

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