Fast facts:

  • The stem below the cotyledons is purple at the base and green in the upper portion. The first true leaves are opposite, while all subsequent leaves are alternate. The large, linear, oblong waxy cotyledons distinguish this weed in the early stages of development.3
  • The flower heads of common cocklebur are unisexual. Small male and female flowers form separate clusters.2
  • The distinct seed pods, or burs, make cocklebur easy to identify. Burs are light brown, long and oval or oblong.2

Resistance statistics:

According to WeedScience.org:

*Resistance confirmation does not necessarily include all weeds and may vary among different areas of each state.

Weed management tips:

Scott Ditmarsen, field scientist, Dow AgroSciences, says:

  • Cocklebur occurs across the central and southern crop production areas.
  • Many soil-applied herbicides are relatively ineffective in controlling cocklebur. Postemergence herbicide applications often are required for effective control.
  • Scouting must be done early enough to allow timely application of postemergence herbicides.

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Enlist Duo™ herbicide


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Enlist Duo™ herbicide

Additional Information:

More information can be found through these weed science resources:

1U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources and Conservation Service website. PLANTS Profile. http://plants.usda.gov
2Wertz, B.A., and Lanin, T. Common Cocklebur. http://extension.psu.edu/pests/weeds/weed-id/common-cocklebur
3Virginia Cooperative Extension website. Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide: Common Cocklebur. http://oak.ppws.vt.edu/scott/weed_id/xanst.htm

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