Don’t Let Insects Threaten Yield

Insect pressure can vary widely depending on many factors. Production practices, crop rotation, geographic location, overwintering habitiats and particularly weather will dictate which insect pests will make an appearance in growers’ fields this season.

Dow AgroSciences offers a robust crop protection portfolio with advanced technology to help your customers protect their yield by preventing the damage of high-anxiety pests.

“Some of the usual suspects for corn are corn rootworm, western bean cutworms and corn armyworms,” says David Martin, Dow AgroSciences insecticides product manager. “In soybeans, beetles, spider mites and soybean aphids are a few pests that growers should have on their scouting list for this summer.”

Cobalt® Advanced insecticide is a go-to insecticide for control of many of the major pests that growers encounter each year in soybeans, corn, alfalfa, sorghum and wheat. They include Japanese beetles, bean leaf beetles, corn rootworm beetles, spider mites and other insect pests.

Transform® WG insecticide, the newest insecticide offering from Dow AgroSciences, brings a unique mode of action for leading control of soybean aphids. Transform works through contact and ingestion and moves through the plant via systemic and translaminar activity, which provides excellent residual control of aphids after the soybean plant has been sprayed.

Transform can be applied in a tank mix with herbicides and fungicides and with a short re-entry and pre-harvest interval your customers can get back to the field with minimal downtime.


Soybean aphids proliferate quickly under ideal weather conditions, and normally are found in soybean fields from late May through August. Photo credit: University of Illinois

Soybean aphids can pose a significant risk to soybean production because of their tremendous reproduction potential. In season, the population size can double every two or three days if weather conditions are ideal.

“The soybean aphid is definitely an insect pest to watch this year,” Martin adds. “During an outbreak year, heavy infestations can reduce yields by 40 percent or more.”

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