Keep Nitrogen Where It’s Needed with Instinct® II Nitrogen Stabilizer

Duane Schwickerath, of El Vista, Iowa, uses Instinct® II nitrogen stabilizer to reduce nitrogen loss at the root zone. In 2011, Schwickerath saw a 7- to 14-bushel per acre yield increase when he stabilized nitrogen with Instinct II. Now, he has peace of mind knowing that, by using Instinct II, nitrogen will be available to his corn plants when it’s needed most.

We use a nitrogen stabilizer for a lot of reasons,” Schwickerath says. “We can cut back on our nitrogen use. We can protect our groundwater. We can have more profit at the end of the year because we cut back on our nitrogen cost, and it does increase yield.”

Instinct II supports conservation efforts by reducing leaching of nitrogen into groundwater. Watch this video to hear more from Schwickerath and his agronomist, Bob Sobolik, of Five Star Cooperative.

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