Tackling Herbicide Resistance This Spring

Growers across the Corn Belt continue to seek solutions to battle growing populations of difficult-to-control and resistant weeds. Many weeds no longer can be controlled with glyphosate alone, making it vital to plan a herbicide program with multiple modes of action to combat resistance.

“This (past) spring at planting, we were very wet, and that just really puts things in a bind,” says Bob Hartzler, Iowa State University Extension weed specialist. “Unfortunately, some growers want to get the crop in and they have a tendency to skip the preemergence herbicide, which really can come back to haunt them. We got spoiled when glyphosate controlled everything. We could skip the ‘pre-s’ and get by, but those days are over.”

Click on the video below to hear more from Bob Hartzler as he discusses herbicide resistance with agricultural broadcaster Max Armstrong.


Herbicide resistance continues to spread across the Corn Belt and more weeds are able to survive glyphosate-only applications. This map shows where glyphosate-resistant weeds have been confirmed.


Despite resistance issues, there are weed control tools available to keep fields clean and protect yield potential. A two-pass weed control system containing a residual herbicide is proven to stop weeds more effectively than a program using glyphosate alone.

Start this season on the right foot — with clean fields and reduced early season weed competition — using SureStart® II herbicide preemergence. Its multiple modes of action will help combat resistance and protect yield. For more information, visit GetMoreTime.com or contact your local Dow AgroSciences sales representative.

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