Help corn have season-long access to nitrogen

Managing nitrogen is not a one-time event. For optimized crop growth and yield potential, nutrient management is as important in the middle of the season as it is at planting, says Dr. Eric Scherder, field scientist, Dow AgroSciences.

“Nitrogen is something growers should be thinking about all season long, and thinking about how to manage it,” Scherder says. “When it comes to managing nitrogen, you want to stabilize fall or spring applications if that’s the bulk of your fertilizer, because that’s when you have the greatest loss opportunities.”

Corn experiences a critical period of nutrient uptake between the V5 and V8 growth stages. Therefore, stabilizing nitrogen is equally important for growers who make a sidedress application at the V5 or V6 stage, Scherder says, because corn continues to need large amounts of nitrogen for another 30 to 50 days. During that time, corn can’t afford to have a bad day.

The majority of nitrogen loss occurs below ground. For optimized yield potential, it’s important that your customers protect their nitrogen in the root zone. Instinct® II and N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizers have been proven to reduce both the leaching of nitrogen into groundwater and the escape of nitrogen into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.

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