Protect soybean fields from aphid invasions with Transform® WG insecticide

Since the soybean aphid made its debut in 2000, the tiny yellow-bodied sap-feeding pest has become the most damaging insect for soybean growers in nearly every Midwestern state. The aphid’s sporadic movement makes it difficult to predict potential invasions, which makes scouting and sampling for soybean aphids critical. Growers should be on the lookout during the primary reproductive growth stages of soybeans, typically late May through mid-August.

Thanks to the proven performance and efficacy of Transform® WG insecticide from Dow AgroSciences, soybean growers now have an extremely effective weapon for defending fields from soybean aphid invasions. Transform provides superior control of soybean aphids via direct contact and ingestion. Once sprayed on the plant, Transform moves from the surface to the inside of the leaves — a property called translaminar activity — and up into new growth areas through systemic movement to deliver excellent control with extended residual. Transform also offers a distinctive new chemistry with a unique mode of action that controls pests that might be resistant to other insecticides.

Field trials underscore the efficacy of Transform (see chart). When applied at the recommended rate of 0.75 ounce per acre, aphid populations were reduced from more than 300 insects per plant (untreated) to fewer than 50 within four days of application. Even more exciting is the residual demonstrated after 20 days of treatment, resulting in aphid populations reduced to near zero while untreated areas measured more than 300 aphids per plant — well above the action threshold level for soybeans.

In addition to excellent control and proven residual, Transform® WG insecticide also has minimal impact on beneficial insects and does not flare mites. The effectiveness of Transform at a low use rate is a cost-effective advantage for growers, and Transform is tank-mix-compatible with most commonly used crop protection products: nutrients, adjuvants, herbicides and fungicides.

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