Three tips for superior scouting

Weeds tend to cause headaches for most growers at some point. Thorough scouting and proper weed identification can help make your and your customers’ lives a little easier. One way to determine the most effective herbicide program is by scouting for weeds early and often.

Consider these tips when scouting fields this season:

  1. Get out of the truck. Scouting on foot will help you stay one step ahead of weeds. If you can spot them when you’re driving by, chances are they should have been treated already.
  1. Document, document, document. Write down every species you find in the field. Also use maps or a global positioning system for accuracy, and check the entire area of changes in soil type, slope and drainage.
  1. Positively ID weeds. Determining the weed species as well as the height and growth stage is important to develop the most effective weed management program. Many universities, such as the University of Missouri, provide helpful guides to aid in proper weed identification.

Understand weed pressure in the field to offer management guidance to your customers. SureStart® II herbicide controls more than 60 difficult weeds and can be applied from early preplant up to 11-inch corn. For more information, visit or contact your local Dow AgroSciences sales representative.

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