Surveil® Herbicide Receives EPA Approval as New Premix for Soybean Growers

Surveil herbicide logoSurveil® herbicide – a new preemergence, residual herbicide, has received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency and will be available for the 2016 growing season.

This new herbicide combines two leading active ingredients in one convenient premix for soybean growers. The premix from Dow AgroSciences offers easy mixing and handling characteristics and proven weed control that growers can count on to battle herbicide resistant and hard-to-control broadleaf weeds.

The result? Greater peace of mind and improved soybean yield potential.

Dow AgroSciences formulation chemist

Melissa Olds, formulation chemist for Dow AgroSciences, demonstrates the handling properties of Surveil® herbicide and why it will be easy for soybean growers and custom applicators to use.

“This new formulation is the first to offer growers the convenience of having the active ingredients flumioxazin and cloransulam-methyl together in one easy-to-use premix,” says Melissa Olds, formulation chemist for Dow AgroSciences. “This product was developed so that it would be easy for growers to use. You’ll find Surveil offers excellent handling properties, such as dispersing quickly when added to water.”

Growers and agronomists across the country have had experience testing the product this year.

Clean soybean row

This photo, taken at a trial plot at CHS Prairie Lakes Co-op in Long Prairie, Minnesota, shows a clean soybean row, at right, following an application of Surveil® herbicide with an untreated row, at left.

“Surveil is very convenient to mix,” says agronomist Nick Smeby from CHS Prairie Lakes Co-Op in Long Prairie, Minnesota. “This year, Surveil comes premixed and so the applicators really appreciate the simplicity of it.”

Surveil herbicide can be applied from preplant up to three days after planting, before emergence. The two modes of action deliver proven, residual performance to help growers tackle herbicide resistance issues and hard-to-control weeds such as marestail, Palmer amaranth, and giant and common ragweed.

“It looks great,” Smeby says. “Where we applied Surveil, the difference is just phenomenal.”

With a short rotational interval, growers can rotate to many key crops nine months following a Surveil application.

“We’re excited to announce Surveil as the newest addition to the Dow AgroSciences soybean herbicide portfolio,” says Lindsey Hecht, product manager, Dow AgroSciences. “This is another example of our commitment to finding solutions to help soybean growers maximize yield potential with confidence.”

Dow AgroSciences has a proven portfolio of soybean herbicides that offer residual control to keep fields clean into the season. The portfolio currently includes Sonic® herbicide, FirstRate® herbicide and Surveil® herbicide.

For more information on Surveil, contact your local Dow AgroSciences representative.

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