Dow AgroSciences focuses product pipeline on driving farm solutions

When Ben Kaehler, U.S. sales leader, Dow AgroSciences, addressed a crowd of farm broadcasters and ag editors at the Dow AgroSciences Show Farm in Sheridan, Indiana, on July 8, he thanked them for all they do for the agriculture industry and welcomed them by sharing how Dow AgroSciences is “driving farm solutions” — the theme of the day.


Ben Kaehler explains how Dow AgroSciences is working to develop new solutions for the growing world by driving farm solutions.

“The decision to create is the driving power,” Kaehler explained. “Really understanding farming and the needs of farmers directs our drive. And if we get these right, then we can deliver truly valuable, science-based solutions that benefit everyone from farmers to consumers.”

Kaehler said that what may look like a sleepy-looking farm to some in the countryside, is more — much more.

“It’s an outstanding technology facility,” he says.

Kaehler says Dow AgroSciences’ herbicide-tolerant trait technology is exceeding grower and retailer expectations.

“This company has a product pipeline that is bursting with new technology and solutions,” Kaehler added. “That’s the challenge for those selling our products. New technologies require awareness and interest. So it’s on us to show what we’re planning to bring to market can ultimately improve yields.”

Some of the latest technology featured in Dow AgroSciences’ robust pipeline includes Surveil® herbicide, Resicore™ herbicide, PowerCore™ technology, Transform® WG insecticide and the Enlist™ Weed Control System.

Providing solutions for a growing world is a never-ending pursuit that pushes science to find new and more ideal tools for the farm.

“What are we pursuing?” Kaehler asked the audience. “Higher yield. Better insect, weed and disease control. More efficient fertilizer utilization. Improved food quality. Consideration for the environment. And profitability. It’s a great opportunity. It’s all worth pursuing.”

Stay tuned to Inputs & Insights for more details on product updates, including the complete lineup for 2016.

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