Growers using Enlist Duo™ herbicide share their initial impressions

This season, the Enlist™ Weed Control System from Dow AgroSciences has taken a big step forward with the launch of Enlist Duo™ herbicide. Growers from around the United States are sharing their experiences with Enlist corn, Enlist soybeans and Enlist cotton throughout the season.

plant_deathThe growers, representing several key production states, have been impressed with the efficacy, lack of drift and exceptional crop tolerance from Enlist Duo.

“The application of Enlist Duo went very well, and there was no problem with drift,” reports Keith Kenny, Iowa grower. “The herbicide landed right where it was sprayed.”

In Indiana, Mike Lewis says Enlist Duo controlled his difficult weeds while having no ill-effect on his crop.

“You could see the ragweed completely turn over within hours after application,” Lewis adds. “When you’re worried about glyphosate-resistant weeds, the Enlist system gives you another tool to combat those issues.”

Growers also have expressed their excitement for what’s to come.

“We applied Enlist Duo, and we had excellent weed control,” said Todd Hanten, South Dakota grower. “I was happy to see how it performed on my farm with my field and my acres. I’m excited. We’ll be increasing our acres with Enlist.”

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