Protect your customers’ largest input investment

If your customers saw nitrogen deficiency in their corn crop this season, talk with them about using a nitrogen stabilizer to protect their fertilizer investment next season. Based on data from the 2015 Purdue Crop Cost & Return Guide, as depicted in the following chart, fertilizer is the most expensive input for growers and should be protected.grower-expenditures-corn-chart

Many growers are making nitrogen management a priority to protect their fertilizer investment, which is their greatest input each season.

If corn can’t absorb enough nitrogen through the soil, the plant will cannibalize its own internal sources of nitrogen. When that happens, weakened cornstalks, stalk rot and significantly reduced yield potential often follow. Stabilizing nitrogen in the soil using Instinct® II or N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizers can help crops grow healthy and strong.

Talk to your customers about protecting nitrogen this fall so it’s available in spring. For more information about keeping nitrogen below ground, visit

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