Weed-free fields cap successful launch of Enlist Duo® herbicide

This year, growers saw strong stands, good ear length and fill, full pods and weed-free fields as they participated in the stewarded introduction of Enlist™ corn and grew Enlist soybeans for seed production under the Dow AgroSciences Field Forward™ program. As Year 1 of commercial use of Enlist Duo® herbicide with Colex-D® technology concludes, growers share their impressions of the Enlist weed control system.

Exceptional weed control and hybrid performance result in impressive yield

Indiana grower Mike Lewis eagerly planted Enlist corn for an opportunity to control giant ragweed and hard-to-control marestail.

Lewis used a program approach starting with a preemergence application of SureStart® II herbicide followed by Enlist Duo herbicide. He says Enlist Duo provided exceptional weed control through harvest, and the Enlist corn was some of the best he shelled this year, averaging 210 bushels per acre.

“Our corn didn’t have to fight through the weeds, and because of that, we can tell the difference in yield,” Lewis says. “Plant-health wise, even in the middle of October, there were a few leaves of the corn that were still green. There are a lot of positives about the Enlist weed control system, and I’m ready to place my order for next year.”

Clean fields of Enlist soybeans catch neighbors’ attention

Steve Wertish grew Enlist soybeans on his Minnesota farm. With waterhemp and other weed pressure increasing, Wertish wanted to see how the Enlist system would perform in his fields. Wertish liked the weed control, and his clean fields also caught the attention of his neighbors.

“Neighbors have stopped because they saw that our fields were weed-free,” Wertish says. “We’ve told them about our experience and how pleased we are. Now they are ready to plant Enlist soybeans on their farms.”

Growers applaud on-target application of Enlist Duo® herbicide

Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D technology provides four key advantages: minimized potential for physical drift, near-zero volatility, improved handling characteristics and low odor.

Lewis planted Enlist corn next to soybeans without the Enlist trait. After applying Enlist Duo, he watched for signs of drift or volatility.

“There was no drift. It didn’t hurt the beans that were planted right beside the Enlist corn,” Lewis says.

On-target application, excellent weed control and good yield have growers like Lewis and Wertish ready to make Enlist part of their weed management program.

For more information about the Enlist weed control system, visit Enlist.com.


Minnesota grower Steve Wertish participated in the Dow AgroSciences Field Forward™ program, growing Enlist™ soybeans for seed production.

®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow. Enlist Duo and SureStart II are not registered for sale or use in all states. SureStart II is not available for sale, distribution or use in Nassau and Suffolk counties in the state of New York. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions. ©2016 Dow AgroSciences LLC

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