Weeds to scout for next spring

With the 2016 growing season right around the corner, consider these weed management tips to control high-anxiety weeds, such as lambsquarters, marestail, velvetleaf and waterhemp.

More than 20 states have reported herbicide-resistant lambsquarters, according to WeedScience.org. Early scouting of lambsquarters is important as it tends to germinate early in the spring under cooler conditions. A program approach including a soil-applied herbicide followed by a postemergence herbicide application is the most effective strategy to control lambsquarters.


Marestail is believed to be the first glyphosate-resistant weed in a U.S. row-crop setting. Use a residual herbicide to control marestail in spring. A preemergence herbicide will open a wider window to apply a postemergence herbicide to control any remaining marestail. Follow up with a fall application to keep fields clean going into winter, which will mitigate early season pressure the following season.


Velvetleaf can be hard to control with glyphosate alone and continues to show prevalence among row crops. It is easily identified by its distinctive leaf shape and velvety texture, which makes scouting easier; however, scouting must be done early enough to allow for timely application of postemergence herbicides to achieve effective control.


Waterhemp produces seeds rapidly. Without competition, waterhemp plants can produce more than 1 million seeds per plant, a number higher than other pigweed species.1 The best path to control waterhemp is aggressive tillage and a program approach involving soil-applied herbicides followed by postemergence herbicide applications using multiple effective modes of action.


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1Nordby, D., B. Hartzler, and K. Bradley. Biology and Management of Waterhemp. https://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/bp/gwc-13.pdf

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