Don’t ignore the winter weed complex

The winter weed complex can have a significant impact on your customers’ fields. Scout fields in early spring to detect populations of winter weed species such as chickweed and marestail and control them early on so they do not become a larger threat later in the season.

Left uncontrolled, marestail can compete with soybean crops for vital nutrients and moisture during early germination periods. Marestail, which is believed to be the first glyphosate-resistant weed in a U.S. row-crop setting, can significantly reduce yield potential at harvest if not properly controlled in spring.

Growers can gain better weed control with a preemergence herbicide with residual activity to control troublesome weeds. A preemergence herbicide works to prevent weeds from competing with the crop at planting so soybeans get the strong start they need.

Using a preemergence herbicide such as Sonic® or Surveil® herbicide can extend the period of control to keep weeds small into the growing season. Sonic delivers exceptional broad-spectrum and long-lasting control to prevent weeds from emerging. Surveil, a new premix from Dow AgroSciences for the 2016 growing season, combines two powerful modes of action for highly effective control of today’s most troublesome weeds.

To learn about early season weed control, visit or contact your local Dow AgroSciences sales representative.

preemergence control
Control weeds by using a preemergence herbicide such as Sonic® or Surveil® herbicide.

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