Weed control to fit every operation

Growers have a lot to worry about as spring planting draws near. Help ease that worry by recommending a weed control tool that offers the flexibility to fit in any soybean field.

SonicWhether your customers have conventional, reduced- or no-till soybean fields, Sonic® herbicide offers the flexibility to provide trusted weed control in any system. Sonic contains two modes of action to control weeds multiple ways, effectively managing weed resistance to protect soybean yield potential.

Watch how grower Scott Johnson uses Sonic in his Minnesota soybeans to control his most difficult weeds, including ragweed and lambsquarters, throughout the season.

“Sonic is a good fit in our area,” Johnson says. “One, because of the weed control, but I also think it is going to help keep glyphosate-resistant weeds away from our area. The longer we can do that, the better off we are.”

For more information on how Sonic can fit in your customers’ operations, visit BattleWeeds.com.

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