Weed of the Month: Lambsquarters

  • Various types: Common1
  • Scientific name: Chenopodium album1
  • Grass or broadleaf: Broadleaf
  • Found in all states
  • Germination timing: Summer annual; emerges in the spring; sets seed in late summer/fall and dies2
  • Competitiveness: Common lambsquarters is a highly competitive weed. Michigan State University reports 13 percent yield loss in corn with one lambsquarters plant per 1½ feet of row and 25 percent yield loss in soybeans with less than one plant per foot of row.2

Fast facts:

  • Lambsquarters is a cool-season, early germinating annual broadleaf weed that can be most problematic in northern areas, says Scott Ditmarsen, field scientist, Dow AgroSciences. It’s important to scout for lamsbquarters early as it can be difficult to control with glyphosate alone and can grow more than 4 feet tall, if left uncontrolled. Identify lambsquarters by looking for a white, “frosted” appearance of upper leaves.
  • According to WeedScience.org, the first confirmation of triazine-resistant lambsquarters in the United States occurred in Michigan in 1975. Today, 22 states have reported resistant lambsquarters.

Resistance Statistics:*

Herbicide classes

*Resistance confirmation does not necessarily include all weeds and may vary among different areas of each state.

Weed management tips:

Ditmarsen says:

  • Early scouting of lambsquarters is important as it tends to germinate early in the spring under cooler conditions.
  • Lambsquarters is generally difficult to control with glyphosate, especially when it grows larger than 3 or 4 inches.
  • A program approach involving preemergence herbicides followed by postemergence herbicide applications is the most effective lambsquarters control strategy.
  • Lambsquarters can be difficult to control beyond 4 to 6 inches tall, so apply postemergence herbicides early for best results.

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Additional information:

More information can be found through these weed science resources:

1U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources and Conservation Service. 2016. Plant Profile: Chenopodium album L. lambsquarters. http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=chal7
2MSU Weed Science. 2016. Common Lambsquarters.msuweeds.com/worst-weeds/common-lambsquarters/

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