A successful season starts with strong weed control

Set your customers up for success this spring by recommending a preemergence herbicide to reduce early season weed competition and give soybeans the strong start they need.

Allowing weeds to compete with crops during early stages of development can consequently decrease yield at harvest because weeds deprive developing soybean plants of sun, water and nutrients. By controlling weeds at the beginning of the season with a preemergence residual herbicide, growers give soybean plants the opportunity to grow without competition for optimized yield potential.

Research from the University of Missouri emphasizes the importance of controlling weeds at the start of the season. According to the university’s research, several tough weed species Midwest growers battle each year — giant foxtail, shattercane, waterhemp, velvetleaf, morningglory and common cocklebur — can significantly reduce yield.

Approximate yield loss from only one of these weed species can range from 1 percent in situations of “very low” weed density to 18 percent in situations of “very high” weed densities. Growers who see each of these species in their fields at the same time could expect an approximate yield loss of 6 percent to 34 percent if they are left uncontrolled.

SonicBecause of the ability for weeds to rob yield, it is vital soybean growers use a preemergence residual herbicide to control weeds early so they stay small and manageable throughout the whole season. Sonic® herbicide has two nonglyphosate modes of action that deliver long-lasting control to prevent troublesome weeds, including morningglory and Palmer amaranth, from emerging for clean fields and optimum yield potential.

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Approximate soybean yield loss with various densities of weeds

Source: Practical Weed Science for the Field Scout: Corn and Soybean. University of Missouri Weed Science. http://extension.missouri.edu/p/IPM1007

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