Control herbicide-resistant weeds differently than in the past

Herbicide-resistant weeds continue to spread across the Midwest, forcing growers to find new ways to control them. Common weeds, such as marestail, waterhemp and Palmer amaranth are particularly tough, but not impossible, to manage.

One of the most effective ways to manage and prevent herbicide-resistance is to use multiple modes of action. Resicore herbicide, new this season, brings a novel formulation of three modes of action to your customers’ fields.


  • Mode of action: Seedling shoot growth inhibitor
  • Site of action: Group 15 long-chain fatty acid inhibitor
  • Controls weeds by inhibiting the growth of seedling shoots


  • Mode of action: Pigment inhibitor
  • Site of action: Group 27 HPPD inhibitor
  • Selective herbicide absorbed by shoots and roots of weeds and translocated


  • Mode of action: Growth regulator
  • Site of action: Group 4 synthetic auxin
  • Synthetic auxins interfere with plant growth by disrupting hormone balance and protein synthesis

For more information about this novel formulation of active ingredients, visit or contact your Dow AgroSciences sales representative.  

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