Manage weeds throughout the season

With today’s fluctuating commodity prices, growers continue to evaluate the amount spent on inputs and weigh the profit margin that accompanies their expenses. In soybeans, where postemergence herbicide options are limited, growers cannot afford to skip a preemergence herbicide.

“If a preemergence herbicide is applied at or near planting, you should know within a couple of weeks after the activating rainfall if it’s working or not,” says Jeff Ellis, Ph.D., field scientist, Dow AgroSciences. “Especially if you applied the full rate, growers expect at least between four to six weeks of residual control.”

This season, growers who received abundant rainfall may have felt rushed to get soybeans planted and were unable to apply a preemergence herbicide. While this situation is common, it should be avoided to reduce the risk of unwelcome weeds and prevent potential yield loss at the end of the season.

field evaluationIf your customers see breakthrough weeds in their fields because they were unable to make a preemergence herbicide application, there are two ways to manage them, Ellis says.

  1. Remove weeds that have emerged and evaluate them. This will help your customers choose a proper postemergence herbicide that has activity on a specific weed.
  2. Incorporate a postemergence herbicide program that includes residual control to prevent additional weeds from emerging later in the season.

Sonic® and Surveil® preemergence herbicides are proven to provide long-lasting residual control of numerous high-anxiety weeds, such as waterhemp, ragweed, Palmer amaranth and marestail. For postemergence weed control, Durango® DMA® and FirstRate® herbicides can be tank-mixed or applied sequentially to attack and prevent many weeds, including glyphosate-tolerant/resistant biotypes of common ragweed, lambsquarters and marestail.

For more information about keeping soybean fields clean from plant to harvest, visit and contact your Dow AgroSciences sales representative.

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