Preparation makes herbicide application more efficient and effective

Jonathan Siebert, Ph.D
Enlist field sales leader
Dow AgroSciences

Jonathan Siebert, Ph.D.

Applicators who follow basic principles can make their herbicide applications more effective, efficient and on target. From sprayer preparation to cleanup, diligence pays big dividends. Take the time to address a few important steps to save time, money and headaches while getting the greatest performance and value from the herbicides you apply.

The Enlist weed control system allows growers and applicators to use Enlist Duo® herbicide in corn and soybeans, which can help simplify postemergence application efforts. Enlist Duo is not yet registered for use on Enlist cotton.

It’s critical to follow label directions and be aware of neighboring crops and sensitive areas. Pay attention to wind speed and direction as well as adhere to product buffer requirements.

Know when to go
Timing is important for making the most positive impact with your postemergence herbicide application. Be aware of the crop stage and treat weeds when they’re small — preferably under 4 inches tall. Monitor the weather and try to make applications in as timely a manner as possible. When you do get into the field, it’s important to keep the boom height at the lowest approved setting to minimize drift potential.

Of course, it’s important to recommend to growers the herbicides that will control the weeds that are troubling a specific field.  For instance, growers facing tough-to-control or glyphosate-resistant weeds need a herbicide that can handle those weeds. Enlist Duo, which combines glyphosate and new 2,4-D choline, offers two modes of action to control a long list of troublesome weed species in Enlist crops.

If you’re mixing other products in the tank, make sure they’re compatible with the herbicide and that you’re using nozzles that are approved for all products you’re applying. The only permitted tank-mix partners for Enlist Duo are listed at

Select appropriate nozzles
Nozzles are not designed to last the lifetime of a sprayer. Each brand and model has a different effective life span. Make sure the nozzles you use are appropriate for the herbicide you’re applying. For instance, the label for Enlist Duo lists 23 nozzles with approved spray pressure ranges.

With a wide array of approved nozzles, Enlist Duo® herbicide provides growers some added flexibility. You may be able to select a nozzle that’s appropriate for multiple purposes. This can save some time during the busy application season.

When applying Enlist Duo, adjust spray pressure to an approved setting to ensure adequate plant coverage and to minimize drift potential.

Cleaning sprayer equipment
Cleanup is extremely important to avoid unintentional contamination of your next chemical load. Most applicators understand the importance of tank cleanout. Make sure to follow product label directions on tank cleanout after herbicide application.

But don’t stop with the tank: Make sure to clean hoses, filters, screens and nozzles. Residue can collect in tiny spaces in these components. These can be easy to overlook, but neglecting them can lead to damage of susceptible crops when you enter another field.

Applicators can be more successful with a postemergence herbicide application when they prep their equipment, choose nozzles carefully, monitor weather and growing conditions, follow recommended application timing and thoroughly clean their entire sprayer components. It can help save time and money while providing peace of mind.

Visit to learn more about the latest herbicide technology and understand the benefits of the Enlist weed control system.

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