Growers finding solid value in Enlist™ weed control system

Corn, soybean and cotton growers have planted Enlist crops this summer and are seeing the benefits of the Enlist weed control system. The consensus? The Enlist technology performs as described. It’s helping them control their toughest weeds.

Enlist corn and soybean growers are using Enlist Duo® herbicide to control a host of difficult weeds, including species that have developed resistance to some herbicides. Just as important, Enlist Duo features Colex-D® technology, so applications stay on target.

Here’s what these growers are reporting:

“Application of Enlist Duo went great,” says Ben Hortenstine, an Illinois grower who planted Enlist soybeans this year. “I’d heard plenty about Enlist Duo, but seeing it in the field confirmed what I’d heard. If growers are familiar with traditional 2,4-D, Enlist Duo is not even comparable. There were essentially no driftable fines; it just went straight down from the boom. The weeds started wilting before I even got out of the field with the sprayer. I was really impressed.”

A Missouri grower also saw no off-target movement and great crop tolerance with Enlist Duo® herbicide.

“After the application of Enlist Duo herbicide, I could see no evidence at all on the beans. There was no burn or wrinkling of leaves at all,” says Josh Turner of Missouri. “The tolerance to the chemical is a big value. Enlist Duo did what we expected. We got good weed control.”

Iowa grower Steve Bireline was impressed by the weed control Enlist Duo provided in his Enlist cornfield. “Enlist Duo took all the competition away from the corn plant,” Bireline says. “The end result to me is going to be that plant is able to concentrate on its kernels, its ear size. I think that plant will produce a maximum yield with the fertilization we’ve got out there, and it should make a big difference in the bottom line.”

“I’m really pleased with the weed control,” adds Steve Kliewer of Kansas. Kliewer is growing Enlist corn in an irrigated field this summer. “There are no signs of drift or off-target movement. I’m just real pleased with the way the field looks.”

Cotton growers this year are experiencing the advantages of PhytoGen® brand PHY 490 W3FE, which contains the Enlist trait. Although the use of Enlist Duo® herbicide is not yet registered for Enlist cotton, growers are able to apply glufosinate postemergence, another important mode of action against tough and resistant weeds.

“We have a glufosinate tolerance now that we can actually apply when we need to and not worry about hurting yield,” says Bradley Moore, a Tennessee cotton grower.

These growers are seeing firsthand the benefits for the Enlist weed control system. It’s meeting or exceeding expectations. You can visit Experiencing Enlist to learn more about the growers experiences with the Enlist technology, including Enlist traits and Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D technology. To learn more about the Enlist weed control system, visit our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter at @EnlistOnline or visit

A Missouri grower also saw no off-target movement and great crop tolerance with Enlist Duo.

A Missouri grower also saw no off-target movement and great crop tolerance with Enlist Duo.

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