Growers report Enlist Duo® herbicide leaves fields clean for harvest

Most growers are managing their farms with an eye on the future. They’re looking for long-term solutions so they can leave their land in better shape for the next generation. They want a weed control program that handles their toughest weeds without harming their crops.

Midwest growers who planted Enlist crops this summer are seeing the benefits of the Enlist weed control system. This new technology is taking weed control to the next level.

“It’s important to be able to get the traits and the technology to keep advancing,” says Steve Bireline, an Iowa grower who planted Enlist corn this summer. Enlist technology is being incorporated into the best genetics packages to bring growers the seed products they need to continue improving productivity.

Clean fields equal yield
Control of weeds can help boost yield. “I think Enlist will help growers be more productive, get higher yield with clean fields,” says Illinois grower Ben Hortenstine, who planted Enlist soybeans as part of the Dow AgroSciences Field Forward program for seed production in 2016.

These growers are seeing clean fields from the combine seat because Enlist Duo® herbicide controls a host of difficult weeds, including species that have developed resistance to some herbicides.

“The significance of Enlist Duo without a doubt is it does an excellent job of controlling the weeds,” Bireline notes. “It took all the competition away from the corn plant. And I think that plant will produce a maximum yield.”

Just as important, Enlist Duo features Colex-D® technology, so applications stay on target.

“Spraying any other herbicide, it always seems like you have the driftable fines behind you,” Hortenstine says. “When we sprayed the Enlist Duo, drift was next to zero. It sprayed straight down to the crop.”

Looking for more
Growers across the Corn Belt are reporting satisfaction and clearly state their intention to continue using this novel technology.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that I would keep using Enlist Duo,” Bireline says.

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Growers who’ve used Enlist Duo® herbicide on Enlist corn and soybeans are heading into harvest this year with clean fields, which can help boost their yield.

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