Protect nitrogen with a proven product

With today’s commodity prices where they are, growers are looking for ways to get the most out of their input investments — especially the most expensive input: nitrogen. In 2015 trials, Instinct® II and N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizers provided an average 7-bushel-per-acre increase compared with untreated nitrogen.

Excessive rainfall this spring may have put your customers’ most expensive input at risk. Rain before a nitrogen application makes it tough to get across the field, while heavy rain after application can make nitrogen vulnerable to leaching and denitrification. Instinct II and N-Serve reduce leaching into groundwater and denitrification into the atmosphere, keeping nitrogen in the soil longer for corn use.

Research conducted by Dow AgroSciences shows the value of using a nitrogen stabilizer to optimize yield potential regardless of seasonal weather. Instinct II and N-Serve have provided an average 6 bu./A yield increase over the span of seven to eight years; however, 2015 plots treated with the products resulted in an average 7 bu./A yield increase compared with untreated nitrogen, as shown in the charts below.

Effect of Instinct II on 2008-2015 Corn Yields - US

Effect of N-Serve on 2009-2015 Corn Yields - US

Whether your customers apply nitrogen preplant in spring or use a program approach with a sidedress application, help them protect this valuable nutrient with a proven product. For more proof, visit

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