Share the power of Resicore® herbicide with your customers

Harvest is winding down, but that doesn’t mean your workload is getting lighter. As we move through fall, your customers are reflecting on what worked and what didn’t work this season and will soon consult you for 2017 herbicide recommendations. If your customers are seeking greater control of herbicide-resistant weeds in their cornfields, Resicore® herbicide may be a good fit.

Here are five ways Resicore is an effective weed control solution:

  1. Novel, easy-to-use formulation:
    • Resicore includes three leading active ingredients that have never before been featured together in one product. The unique formulation ensures the active ingredients remain in solution and consistently deliver powerful weed control.
  2. Three modes of action:
    • The three modes of action found in Resicore do not contain glyphosate or atrazine. Resicore provides an effective way to control the toughest weeds that may be resistant to glyphosate, atrazine or ALS herbicides.
  3. Long-lasting residual control:
    • Keeping cornfields weed-free is critical to optimize yield. Resicore gives growers extended residual control that lasts deep into the growing season.
  4. Versatility:
    • Resicore has a range of use rates that make it convenient to control weeds from preemergence up to 11-inch-tall corn. Plus, Resicore has the flexibility to be tank-mixed with glyphosate, atrazine and other corn herbicides when needed.
  5. Controls more than 70 broadleaf weeds and grasses:
    • Resicore delivers power over many of the common weeds your customers contend with in the Midwest. These include waterhemp, marestail, giant ragweed, Palmer amaranth and more.

For powerful examples of how Resicore works in cornfields, visit or contact your Dow AgroSciences sales representative.

Nebraska field

Nebraska field shown seven weeks after preemergence application of 2.5 qt./A Resicore® herbicide and 1 qt./A atrazine.

South Dakota field

South Dakota field shown five weeks after preemergence application of 2.5 qt./A Resicore® herbicide.

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