Get power to do more in your community

Lyndsie Kaehler
Corn Herbicides
Product Manager
Dow AgroSciences

When farmers achieve power over weeds with Resicore® herbicide, they spend less time worrying about yield-robbing waterhemp, marestail or ragweed and have the power to do more. That’s why Resicore is sponsoring a contest to give farmers the chance to visit their dream sports field and $10,000 to donate to a local sports field or community space. Three farmers will win!

Entering is easy — all your customers need to do is submit a photo that demonstrates the power on their farm and answer a few simple questions at by March 12, 2017. The photo might include their fields, family, friends, pets, equipment, livestock or whatever else represents power to the farmer.

If one of your customers is a winner, you, as the retailer, will win a $500 gift card. All you need to do is encourage your customers to enter.

Powerful performance in 2016 field trials

In 2016 Dow AgroSciences field trials across the Midwest, Resicore herbicide provided excellent control of the toughest weeds found in corn, such as lambsquarters, common ragweed, giant foxtail, glyphosate-resistant waterhemp and glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth. Seven to nine weeks after application, Resicore controlled 100 percent of lambsquarters, common ragweed and giant foxtail, plus 96 percent control of waterhemp. When tank-mixed with atrazine, Resicore controlled 93 percent of Palmer amaranth and increased waterhemp control to 99 percent.

With three unique modes of action, Resicore® herbicide controls more than 70 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including herbicide-resistant species. Resicore is powerful enough to be sprayed alone and it can also be tank-mixed with atrazine, glyphosate and other corn herbicides.

To learn more about how your customers can use Resicore to control tough weeds this season, visit

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