Make a battle plan against your customers’ worst weeds

Without competition from troublesome weeds, such as waterhemp, marestail, giant ragweed and lambsquarters, soybean plants have the opportunity to grow to their full potential. Early season weed competition can significantly decrease yield at harvest because weeds deprive developing soybean plants of sun, water and nutrients they need for a strong start.

The most successful battle plans begin with a preemergence, residual herbicide, which prevents weeds from competing with soybeans during early stages of development.

Sonic® herbicide delivers long-lasting, broad-spectrum control to prevent weeds from invading your customers’ soybean fields. Sonic has two nonglyphosate modes of action and can be applied preemergence or up to three days after planting.

To help you learn more about soybean topics that matter to you and your customers, Dow AgroSciences has launched a retailer-exclusive online resource called Visit Operation: Clean Fields often to read weekly articles, watch agronomic videos and take polls to hear from other retailers and help your customers battle their toughest weeds this season.

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