Residual herbicides strengthen new weed control technologies

As new weed control technologies enter the market, farmers need to avoid repetitive use of the same active ingredient. Using residual herbicides in a program approach helps control tough weeds in multiple ways.

Sonic®, Surveil® and FirstRate® herbicides are approved tank-mix partners with several herbicides labeled for use in new weed control systems, including XtendiMax herbicide and Engenia herbicide, with additional tank-mix options expected in the near future. FirstRate also can be tank-mixed with FeXapan herbicide.

Adding Sonic, Surveil or FirstRate to your customers’ tank mix provides two additional nonglyphosate modes of action and long-lasting residual control of many tough weeds, including waterhemp, marestail, Palmer amaranth and giant ragweed. Help your customers build a strong program approach to improve yield potential and ROI. Here are five tips for cleaner fields:

  1. Incorporate tillage and/or a preplant herbicide burndown program to remove existing weeds.
  2. Use the full rate of a broad-spectrum, preemergence residual herbicide that targets your customers’ worst weeds.
  3. Apply multiple modes of action that have powerful activity on the Amaranthus species — pigweeds, waterhemps, Palmer amaranth and Powell amaranth.
  4. Choose the appropriate postemergence herbicide and be ready to apply sequential applications as needed. Strive for complete weed control to reduce the weed seed bank in the soil.
  5. Rotate crops and/or herbicide modes of action to sustain effective weed control and prevent future resistance.

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Farmers planted more than 83,000,000 acres of soybeans in 2016, and more than 89,000,000 acres of soybeans in 2017. Improve soybean yield with residual herbicides as part of your weed control programs.

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