Enlist™ Weed Control System Expands With Addition of Enlist One™ Herbicide

With the ability to tank-mix with several products, including glufosinate herbicides, farmers can make Enlist One a cornerstone of their weed control programs that feature multiple modes of action. Enlist One joins Enlist Duo® herbicide, a proprietary blend of 2,4-D choline and glyphosate, in the herbicide lineup for the Enlist system.

“Farmers growing Enlist cotton have found the flexibility of Enlist One to be especially helpful. They get the benefits of 2,4-D choline and the ability to tank-mix with glufosinate for effective weed control,” says John Chase, Enlist commercial leader. “With two Enlist herbicides, farmers can select the one that best fits their weed management needs. Both contain Colex-D® technology to help them land and stay on target.”

Enlist One has received federal registration for use in 34 key cotton, corn and soybean states.

Flexibility and convenience with Enlist technology
Farmers who have had Enlist cotton, corn and soybeans on their farms have seen the exceptional weed control and on-target application benefits of Enlist Duo herbicide. Enlist One delivers each of these same benefits plus additional tank-mix flexibility.

Many Southern farmers had the chance to use Enlist One on a trial basis as part of their weed control programs. They took advantage of the ability to tank-mix the new herbicide with a glufosinate herbicide to help control Palmer amaranth, marestail, giant ragweed and other troublesome weeds.

“The tank mix of 2,4-D choline and glufosinate really did exactly what we wanted it to. Two weeks after application, we had excellent control,” says Austin Warbington, Georgia farmer, who faces tough weeds such as pigweed. “We were able to eliminate most weeds. It really took care of business. If you walked out and looked at any weed, you’d see the majority of them were very crispy.”

As with Enlist Duo® herbicide, Enlist One features Colex-D® technology and is designed to land and stay on target. Farmers can capitalize on the same on-target application benefits of near-zero volatility and minimized potential for physical drift.

Addressing farmers’ needs with innovative solutions
Dow AgroSciences leads the way in providing herbicide solutions that help farmers reach their weed management goals. With the addition of Enlist One herbicide, farmers have a choice between two herbicides containing 2,4-D choline for their Enlist crops. They can select the convenient blend of Enlist Duo herbicide, or they can use Enlist One for greater flexibility to customize their weed control program. Tank-mix partners for both herbicides are listed on EnlistTankMix.com.

Learn more about the Enlist weed control system and what growers are saying at Enlist.com/ExperiencingEnlist. You also can follow the Enlist system on Twitter at @EnlistOnline or go to the YouTube channel.

Georgia farmer Austin Warbington included Enlist One herbicide in his weed management program this year and has been pleased with the results.

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