Iowa farmer combats tough grasses with SureStart® II herbicide

Brent Halling of Perry, Iowa, began farming 41 years ago during a drought-stricken season. It was a bit drier than the 2017 growing season, but he says it was similar. Today, Halling farms about 1,000 corn and soybean acres with his brother and continues to find new ways to protect the yield potential of his crops.

“In Iowa, you have to control the grasses,” Halling says. “That’s the biggest robber of yield in my opinion. In my case, it’s mostly yellow and giant foxtail. SureStart II does a great job with that, and it is broad-spectrum to also control the broadleaf weeds.”

A supporter of crop rotation, Halling rotates all of his acres every year, with very little continuous corn. With 41 years of farming experience, he also makes careful plans to use a flexible herbicide that will keep his corn clean until canopy.

“I get corn planted, then come back in and have that window of up to 11-inch tall corn [to apply SureStart II],” Halling says. “I have a bigger window to work with to deal with Mother Nature.”

Along with grasses, Halling combats velvetleaf, waterhemp and morningglory in his cornfields. In the last few years, Halling has seen a resurgence of morningglory, but he has not had many problems with Palmer amaranth yet. As herbicide-resistant weeds creep into many fields across the Midwest, Halling is staying focused on controlling difficult grasses with multiple modes of action.

“I’m not a big believer in overusing glyphosate products,” Halling says. “I’ve had good luck using SureStart II and not using any glyphosate on my corn.”

Proven to perform under heavy weed pressure, SureStart II contains three modes of action to protect against emerging weeds for up to six weeks after application. To learn more about how your customers can use SureStart II to control a broad-spectrum of weeds and grasses, visit or contact your Dow AgroSciences sales representative.

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