Answers to retailers’ top soybean questions

The most popular soybean topics on Operation: Clean Fields this year have been about planning a program approach, controlling marestail, waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, and how to fight back against herbicide-resistant weeds. Dow AgroSciences field experts are answering retailers’ top questions.

Operation: Clean Fields is a retailer-exclusive website designed to help retailers learn more about soybean topics that matter to them and their customers. Throughout the year, retailers have sent in their own questions about soybean herbicides and Dow AgroSciences field experts have answered several online. Many of the retailers who have sent in questions have not only received an answer, but also a $250 gift card if their question was selected to be answered in an article or video.

Jeff, Illinois retailer, recently asked “What would be the best approach right now, with the tools we currently have on the market, to control resistant waterhemp and marestail in soybeans?”. Dow AgroSciences market development specialist Jeff Moon provided an answer:

A layered approach with residual herbicides will provide the best chance for success. Here are three tips to manage resistant waterhemp and marestail:

  1. Start with a clean seedbed. For marestail specifically, apply a burndown herbicide to control it early.
  2. In spring, apply a residual herbicide, such as Sonic® herbicide, for an additional layer of early season control.
  3. Scout fields to determine postemergence approach.

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