Enlist Duo® herbicide as a burndown inspires trust, confidence

Scott Wright

Scott Wright
Enlist field specialist
Dow AgroSciences

As with any new product, some farmers are asking questions about how Enlist Duo® herbicide works and how to use it. Several farmers in 2017 got their first experience with this technology by using it as a burndown. They found Enlist Duo was effective and gained confidence in the herbicide.

John Lindamood of Tennessee was one farmer who was interested in the system, so he purchased Enlist Duo herbicide for use in burndown. He was able to control tough weeds while they were still small. In particular, annual bluegrass was “thick as a blanket.”

Enlist Duo did a fantastic job controlling weeds in Lindamood’s field, including the pesky annual bluegrass. Now, he is very comfortable with the performance and handling of Enlist Duo, and he plans to use it postemergence on Enlist™ crops.

Farmers in other areas had similar experiences. Tyler Tietjen was among several southeastern Nebraska farmers who applied Enlist Duo as a burndown this spring. It was everything he expected.

“I want clean fields when I start,” Tietjen says. “I expect the field to be 100 percent clean. Enlist Duo got everything. The field was clean after burndown.” Tietjen says the technology works as well as he had hoped.

Enlist Duo herbicide contains two modes of action: new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate. In addition to burndown applications, it is federally registered for postemergence use on Enlist corn, Enlist soybeans and Enlist cotton in 34 states.

Many farmers have been hearing good things about the Enlist weed control system, and they gain confidence once they experience it. Seeing really is believing.

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