Farm Progress Show activities help farmers adopt winning solutions

Dow AgroSciences continues to help farmers turn challenges into opportunities through new technology and agronomic solutions. The newest example — announced during August’s Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois — is Elevore herbicide, which elevates a grower’s burndown program. Elevore contains a new active ingredient, Arylex, to help control labeled broadleaf weeds, including ALS- and glyphosate-resistant species. It offers superior control of marestail up to 8 inches tall.

Elevore is only one of the many solutions visitors learned about at Farm Progress Show. Dow AgroSciences shared its latest innovations, often engaging attendees with entertaining visual attractions that helped drive the messages home.

The Dow AgroSciences floor space at the show featured several educational games and interactive learning opportunities. After interacting with the games, attendees could choose to take home a small prize or write the name of their local FFA chapter for a $5 donation powered by Resicore® herbicide.

Thanks to nearly 1,000 booth visitors who chose to donate, Dow AgroSciences is donating $5,000 to the National FFA Organization on behalf of Resicore.

“Many FFA students and supporters visited our booth, and it was uplifting to see the bright future of agriculture,” says Lyndsie Kaehler, U.S. corn herbicides product manager, Dow AgroSciences. “Resicore gives farmers the power to control weeds on their farm, and we hope this donation gives students the power to do more in their FFA chapters.”

Hearing experts discuss key topics
Another highlight of the Dow AgroSciences booth was a series of informative speakers who addressed key agricultural topics. Subjects covered ways to manage nitrogen, managing weed resistance in corn, discussions about Bt trait technology and effective weed control solutions.

Last year, excessive rainfall swept through the Midwest, leaving puddles in cornfields and soil vulnerable to significant nitrogen loss. Jean Payne, president of the Illinois Chemical and Fertilizer Association, and Jennifer Tirey and Ted Funk from the Illinois Pork Producers Association, shared ways to manage nitrogen yet this fall.

“After harvest, our beautiful Illinois prairie soils start making nitrogen,” Payne says. “We’ve done a lot of education with farmers and we have to take into account that soil provides nitrogen, too. We cannot stabilize what Mother Nature produces, so anything we add to it beyond that in the fall, it’s really our responsibility to protect it.”

Farmers can use Instinct® or N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizers to prevent nitrate leaching and keep more nitrogen available in the root zone next spring.

In addition, farmer Ben Hortenstine affirmed the value the Enlist weed control system is providing on his Ramsey, Illinois, farm. Farmers will have the opportunity in 2018 to use Enlist Duo® herbicide on Enlist corn available through Dow AgroSciences seed brands. Meanwhile, Chris Byus, Enlist herbicides product manager for Dow AgroSciences, provided an update on Enlist soybeans.

“Farmers stopping by could play an educational game or two and interact with our team,” Byus says. “We were able to be in front of people with visual demonstrations that will help them remember what they’ve heard. They saw the effective weed control and on-target application of the Enlist weed control system.”

The progress farmers saw at the Farm Progress Show translates into a better future for retailers offering these technologies and, of course, for the farmers purchasing them. Dow AgroSciences is bringing solutions for the real world — solutions that help improve yield and profit potential.

Dow AgroSciences booth at Farm Progress Show 2017.

The Dow AgroSciences booth featured educational and interactive games for attendees.

Farm Progress Show 2017 speaker at Dow AgroSciences booth.

Attendees heard from several agricultural experts during the show. Pictured here is Mark Bernards of Western Illinois University talking about how to manage herbicide-resistant weeds.

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