Illinois farmer uses Resicore® herbicide to control weeds in hilly fields

Ian MacDonald of Hamlet, Illinois, grows corn and soybeans, and raises hogs with his father and uncle south of the Quad Cities in Illinois. When it comes to planting corn and spraying herbicides, some of the farmland is flat and easy to spray, but some of the acres feature hilly, rough ground that makes it difficult to spray a second pass without damaging corn.

“On the hillier ground, with the second pass, you end up running over a lot of corn,” MacDonald says. “So this year, we tried a full rate of 2.5 quarts per acre of Resicore, hoping we wouldn’t have to come back with a second pass if the weed control held. That way, we wouldn’t be running over as much corn and would have a better stand at harvest. We’re seeing that. We’re picking those two cornfields where we applied the full rate and the weed control has been very good so far.”

Right after planting this spring, MacDonald sprayed Resicore® herbicide with glyphosate and atrazine, and kept a close eye on his fields to make sure they stayed clean until canopy.

“From a pride perspective, it’s real nice to look out over a field and not see weeds poking up out of the canopy,” MacDonald says. “Otherwise, it’s about yield potential. If you’ve got a lot of weeds out there shading out the crop and taking those nutrients away from the corn, you’re limiting your yield potential. That residual is very important until the corn reaches full canopy so your crop is shading out the weeds, not vice versa.”

Waterhemp, giant ragweed and winter annual weeds are some of the worst offenders in MacDonald’s cornfields. During the mild winter preceding the spring of 2017, winter annual weeds, such as henbit and chickweed, never went dormant and were growing tall at planting.

“I was impressed with the knockdown ability of Resicore,” MacDonald says. “We used a low rate of glyphosate and atrazine with it. Some of those winter annuals were knee-high and it took them right out.”

As harvest winds down, MacDonald and his family are already planning for next season, which includes using Resicore again to control weeds deep into the season.

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