The science behind nitrogen maximizers

Nitrogen is one of the most significant input investments for farmers. That’s why it is critical that farmers do all they can to protect that investment when applying it to the soil. After application, various forms of nitrogen — including anhydrous ammonia, urea, UAN and liquid manure — become vulnerable to loss, primarily through leaching or denitrification.

To reduce the loss of your customers’ valuable nitrogen, it is important to keep it where it belongs — at the root zone where your crop needs it most. Instinct® and N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizers work underground, where up to 70 percent of nitrogen loss can occur through leaching into the ground or denitrification into the atmosphere. They deliver maximum profit potential by extending nitrogen availability during the crop’s key growth stages.

The Science Is Simple
One of the most critical nutrients that farmers apply throughout the year is nitrogen. Nitrosomonas is a bacteria that breaks down ammonium forms of nitrogen, changing it from ammonium to nitrate. Unlike the ammomium form that’s stable in the soil, the nitrate form is highly susceptible to loss. Slowing down the conversion of ammonium to nitrates extends nitrogen availability in the soil for maximum crop growth potential. Instinct and N-Serve work to inhibit the nitrogen cycle by impeding Nitrosomonas bacteria activity for up to eight weeks, thereby slowing the transformation of ammonium to nitrate. This is most crucial during the often-rainy spring season, when rainwater can push nitrogen down into the soil as far as eight inches in a single rainfall in light-textured soils.

The Bottom Line
Maintaining nitrogen as ammonium minimizes leaching and the risk of groundwater contamination while maximizing available nitrogen in agroecosystems. Instinct and N-Serve not only help maximize nutrient availability, uptake and growth, ultimately increasing yield and profit potential, but also can have a positive impact on the environment.

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Nitrogen applied with N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizer (left) compared with nitrogen applied without N-Serve (right).

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