Follow checklist to keep Enlist™ herbicides on target

Help your customers keep herbicide applications on the intended target to ensure better weed control results. For crispy weeds and clean fields, use the tips below to apply Enlist One herbicide or Enlist Duo® herbicide to Enlist corn, cotton or soybeans.

Application window: Ensure your crops are within the right growth stage window for an application of an Enlist herbicide.

Tank-mix partners: Before adding any other products to the sprayer, check for qualified tank-mix partners for each Enlist herbicide.

Nozzles: Use only nozzles and pressure combinations listed on the labels for Enlist One herbicide and Enlist Duo herbicide.

Wind speed and direction: The wind speed should be between 3 and 10 mph when making an application. Do not apply during a temperature inversion.

Susceptible crops: Make sure the wind is blowing away from susceptible crops. There is not an acceptable buffer for an application of an Enlist herbicide if the wind is moving in the direction of susceptible crops, such as cotton without the Enlist trait.

Sensitive areas: Leave a 30-foot downwind buffer to sensitive areas, such as woods, pastures, grass ditches and lawns.

Sprayer contamination: To avoid sprayer contamination, clean the sprayer out thoroughly before making an application. Pay attention to screens, nozzles and hoses and make sure they are cleaned, as well.

For on-target herbicide application and efficient weed control, use only nozzles and spray pressure settings listed on the herbicide label.

Spray pressure: Apply Enlist One herbicide and Enlist Duo herbicide at the right pressure based on the label and current environmental conditions.

Spray rate: Check that you are applying Enlist One herbicide at 2 pints per acre or Enlist Duo herbicide at 4.75 pints per acre.

Spray volume: For best results, use a spray volume of 10 to 15 gallons of water per acre.

Boom height: Consult the nozzle manufacturer for optimum boom height when applying Enlist herbicides.

Cleanout: Fill at least 10 percent of the tank volume with clean water and flush the sprayer. Be sure to triple-rinse the sprayer when you complete an application of an Enlist herbicide.

For more information, visit or check out this quick video on sprayer cleanout processes.

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