Show Farm offers access, ideas and innovation

On 30 acres of land, just north of Indianapolis, Indiana, sits the Show Farm managed by Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. The Show Farm demonstrates many of the innovative technologies that Corteva Agriscience has to offer from crop protection, seed treatment innovations, seed technology, digital agriculture, new trait technology and nitrogen maximizers. The plots are filled with many Corteva Agriscience products and gives visitors the benefit of seeing exactly what farmers can accomplish with technology from Corteva Agriscience.

An industry leader 

Since its launch in 2010, the Show Farm has annually hosted thousands of people, who come to see new and existing seed, trait and crop protection technologies. Andy Fordice, U.S. category leader: Enlist, FeXapan and Core Herbicides, plays an important role in the operation of Show Farm.

“For our grower customers, the Show Farm is there to enrich their lives and make them more profitable,” Fordice says.

A retailer asset

Used as a powerful tool to tell the story of Corteva Agriscience, Show Farm is a hands-on way for visitors to experience products and technologies in a real-life setting.

“Any solution retailers and farmers are looking for in crop protection, they can see it out there at the farm,” Fordice says. “For territory managers: It’s one thing to sit across a table from your customer and talk to them about a product; it is another thing to show them.”

Plan your trip

With Show Farm conveniently close to the Corteva Agriscience global business center in Indianapolis, it’s easy for retailers to combine trips to see both locations, Fordice said.

Open from July 10 to Aug. 24, Show Farm welcomes everyone, but calendar spots fill up quickly. Contact Pam Smith, event planner, at with questions about coordinating a visit or to get more information about the farm.

Visitors at the Corteva Agriscience Show Farm

Visitors on a guided tour and presentation

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