Control high-anxiety weeds through fall burndown treatments

Kent Bennis

Kent Bennis, market development specialist, Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont

Fall often consists of reflection and planning for your customers. This entails evaluating their current season and preparing for the next. However, for many soybean farmers in the Midwest, fall is also the time they may be experiencing the pain of actively growing weeds, including marestail.

We highly recommend that your customers implement fall burndown treatments to help ease their weed anxieties. Specifically, postharvest burndown treatments can reduce customers’ worries by providing thorough weed control in recently harvested fields. And when farmers combine a fall burndown treatment with a spring residual herbicide, they will experience cleaner fields through planting.

Here are some key benefits of fall burndown treatments to share with your customers:

  • Lessens weed pressure so fields are ready to plant as soon as farmers are ready
  • Reduces the dead mat of weeds common after a spring burndown to speed soil warming and dryout, especially in no-till fields
  • Keeps soil moisture available for the young crop
  • Helps create a warmer, drier seedbed for uniform emergence and better seedling vigor
  • Decreases insect pressure by eliminating the conditions insect populations use to become established

When implementing a fall weed control program, it’s critical to find a herbicide solution that offers a thorough spectrum of control on postharvest weeds. A herbicide such as Elevore® uses a systemic approach that works to kill a broad range of weeds from the inside out, including actively growing marestail up to 8 inches tall and other ALS- and glyphosate-resistant species.

The results provide farmers with numerous benefits, including a more streamlined workload with fewer hours of spring work, better-prepared fields at planting and the opportunity for increased yield at harvest.

For more information, visit this resource,, to learn more about how you can help your customers fight back against high-anxiety weeds in soybean fields.

About the author: Kent Bennis is a market development specialist at Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. Kent has worked at Dow AgroSciences for more than 23 years and is based in Delmar, Iowa.

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