Herbicide Lessons Lessen Farmers’ Concerns

Growing knowledge about the Enlist weed control system remains vital as Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, continues to prepare the market for the large-scale commercialization of Enlist E3 soybeans.

Corteva Agriscience will broadly license Enlist E3 soybeans following Chinese import approval of the Enlist E3 soybean trait. Making this trait widely available to farmers requires seamless collaboration with seed companies: The technology must be available in the best genetics over a wide range of maturities. That’s why the company is engaging now with seed companies that plan to add Enlist E3 soybeans to their product lineups.

Ensuring the Enlist technology is in elite soybean (as well as corn and cotton) genetics will help farmers, applicators and retailers who evaluate the Enlist trait be more profitable and successful. 

As this technology gets into the hands of more farmers – and the retailers they trust – it builds comfort with the system and prepares for continued expansion of Enlist crop acreage.

Part of this effort is continued access to education and tools that help users get more out of the Enlist system. Field planning, best management practices, application education and advice help farmers position Enlist crops to perform as promised. This includes on-target application, excellent weed control, exemplary crop tolerance and the opportunity for top yield.

Education from the start
From the beginning, education and product stewardship have been critical pillars of this technology. As a key part of the Enlist weed control system, the Enlist Ahead management resource provides an array of tools to help retailers, farmers, and applicators understand how to use this technology — including Enlist herbicides — appropriately and effectively.

As individual Enlist crops come to market, the emphasis on education, training and stewardship expands. Committing resources to these efforts allows the company to launch these crops in a careful, responsible and measured way.

“When we work with farmers, we emphasize field planning, a program approach and adherence to all label requirements, including downwind buffers,” says Andy Asbury, a field specialist for Illinois. “Farmers are seeing how this system works in their fields.”

Specialists such as Asbury provide tools and training to help ensure farmers can use this technology confidently.

“We can help farmers understand label requirements for our products,” says Steve Snyder, a field specialist who covers the upper Midwest. “In addition, we offer online resources so growers in the field can get quick access to information on their tablets or smartphones.”

Customers are gaining experience with Enlist crops. Enlist Ahead tools provide a wealth of information to help users feel secure when using this much-needed and extremely effective weed control technology. Learn more about the Enlist Ahead management resource by visiting Enlist.com

Enlist education efforts

Continuing education efforts highlight the growth of the Enlist weed control system. Collaboration with seed companies and in-the-field training are helping growers, applicators and retailers understand how to use this technology most effectively and successfully.

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