Three steps to identify a proven nitrogen stabilizer

Nitrogen stabilizers are one option to protect nitrogen; however, the market is saturated with products that claim to protect nitrogen. With fall purchasing decisions around the corner, Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, has identified key criteria to help farmers select a proven nitrogen stabilizer that is right for them.

Weeding through the myriad of stabilizer products can be tricky, and timely factors like commodity prices, trade negotiations and nutrient management regulations make finding the best option even more important. Corteva Agriscience recommends that farmers use three criteria in determining the right nitrogen stabilizer to use:

  1. Leverage University-supported research
    Use stabilizers that have been rigorously tested and proven by universities. Farmers should ask their retailers to share academic research that supports the claims that are being touted.
  2. Check labeling to ensure it meets EPA registration guidelines
    Use stabilizers that also follow EPA registration guidelines. These guidelines require robust documentation and research to support claims that relate to the effectiveness of a nitrogen stabilizer product.
  3. Prioritize value
    The current economics of farming may not be as rewarding as a few years ago, so every penny matters. Stabilizers can be viewed as an insurance policy to protect crop yield and preserve a farmer’s investments. Whether you’re concerned about nitrogen being a yield-limiting factor or concerned about nitrogen loss impacting water quality, nitrogen should always be protected.

Two options that meet this criteria set are Instinct® and N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizers. Instinct and N-Serve maximize nitrogen by extending its availability for up to eight weeks, during critical growth stages for corn and wheat, helping crops deliver the maximum yield at harvest. To learn more, visit, or contact your local Corteva Agriscience territory manager.

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